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The Founding of Marketing for Green

The idea for my solutions focused consulting firm started in late 2008. Although I was doing well professionally and personally, I nevertheless felt a void and was intent on finding a way to help the Detroit community. During this time of reflection, the uncertain future of the Big 3 auto companies, a changing state economy, and the ever present social issues, all played a role in my decision to answer the call to being part of the solution to address these challenges. My Mom always said that in times of crisis, there are also opportunities, for those who choose to look for them. As a proud Detroiter, and resident of Michigan, resiliency is something that we all take pride in.

As far back as I can remember, I have often thought about business and its relationship with society and the environment. Within the past couple of years, through reading and research, I became aware of entrepreneur opportunities made possible by the green economy. This revelation resulted in more reading and research. Eventually, I realized that the green movement provided the means to tie my education, with my 20 plus years of business experience, together with the idea of reducing pollution to address climate change. In addition, through Corporate Social Responsibility consulting, this provides the mechanism to partner with business and stakeholders, to help address the root causes of social issues in Urban America.

Mission Statement

As a solution focused consulting and marketing firm, the mission of Marketing for Green is to effect positive change environmentally and socially, helping to create a sustainable society.


Exceed expectations, act in good faith, waste not, be environmentally friendly, embrace diversity , and enhance the community by creating job opportunities.


Long ago, I learned that everything about business starts in Marketing. In this area of business, decisions are made about product or service design, as well as decisions regarding distribution channels. It is a good starting point to begin to assess and evaluate strategies to reduce environmental impact and associated business risks.

Thinking “Big Picture” and “Connecting the Dots” is the objective. This holistic approach is accomplished by utilizing “systems” and “alignment” thinking concepts that help business identify and understand the direct and indirect relationships that can or may impact its sustainability model.


Any type or size of an organization is a potential client. Whether it is a large corporation, small to medium business, or the public sector, a customized sustainability solution can be developed that fits your profile and that also meets your needs.

Bio for Founder & President Bennie J. Hayden

Education: University of Detroit, B.S. Marketing Management

Certification: University of Vermont, Professional Certificate in Sustainable Business Practices

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